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Stephanie Thomas

- Caffé Bella Owner

"My family and I are lovers of coffee but Caffé Bella grew from far more than just that." Stephanie Thomas has studied coffee for many years in preparation for her coffee company. After traveling through Central America to perfect her passion, she decided to launch her special blends of Beautiful Coffee."

- Sincerely, Stephanie Thomas, Owner


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    .: 11 ALIVE News: Minority-owned coffee shop moves online to survive pandemic challenges
    ( 6 Sept 2021/4:31PM )
    The coffee shop was Thomas' dream. After studying coffee for eight years, she finally had the capital to open her own shop in 2018. "I put so much time and money and energy into the place, but after going through the traumatic time of the pandemic, I had to realize, it's not about the brick and mortar, it's about the coffee," she said. | Read More | | Watch Video |
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    .: The Village Celebration: Three Entrepreneurs Say 'Coffee Is My Thing' And Hope It Becomes Yours
    ( 27 Aug 2021 )
    While coffee giant Starbucks rolls out its pumpkin spice latte, a perennial fall favorite for coffee drinkers, some African American owners of coffeehouses and blends are also prepping for the new season. "We are going to launch the blends... starting with the Casalena blend named after my mother," said Stephanie Thomas who owns Café Bella in Atlanta. | Read More |